The emptiness Does one ever feel like a bottomless hole? That no matter how far you look in it you may never find the bottom. So instead of showing everyone you just cover it up and hide it away so no one else tries to see it. But even though you have covered and hid it away from everyone, you always go back and look at it every now and then. As your curiosity spikes you wonder if you jumped in if you would reach the bottom, or just be stuck in emptiness. Stuck falling endlessly until you someone finds that hole and jumps in with you. So, you do everything to avoid jumping because you don’t want anyone looking for the hole. Because if they find it you fear they will expose the hole and show the world. And the world would lock up the hole and label it a hazard. So that no one would be hurt by the hole. This is how I feel, like I am a bottomless hole filled with nothing but emptiness. And no matter how I try to fill the emptiness, I just can't. All I can do is hide it and push it down far enough so no one would notice. But at one point in time that bottomless hole was filled, with love and emotion. But over time everyone had grabbed shovel and started digging. They never truly knew what they were digging for but day by day, week by week, year by year. It became more and more empty until one day you looked in it and you realized there was no bottom. But occasionally you think you can see the bottom as everything gets brighter (Happiness). As it gets brighter and brighter you realize that something is down there. And you truly want to know what could possibly be in the hole. So, you day to day you build a ladder (Hope) trying to reach the bottom. But every now and then someone comes by and breaks your ladder. And you realize you are tired of trying to build your way down but can't push yourself to jump. So you throw the ladder away and cover the hole up never really sure if you will find the light that you once seen. This is how I feel like and too this day I have never found the light and stopped looking.

2 years ago

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