I was sexual assaulted every day, multiple times a day, for 3 months by two of my classmates when I was in the 4th grade. I froze every time. I know I shouldn’t, and I know that I’m not being fair to myself but I carry guilt for not saying something to my mom Sooner. I don’t know if I was afraid of what they would do, or whether I was just frozen, but I didn’t have the courage to say anything. I’ve gone to therapy before and I now have ptsd because when I was 16 my therapist kept encouraging a relationship with a 45 year old man who was flirting with me. I want to rid myself of the guilt and shame, but I have so much anxiety thinking about trying to find a new therapist i can’t ever move forward. I feel stuck and I’ve tried to explain this problem to people but no one really gets it. I just needed to say it somewhere I guess.

2 years ago

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