Few months after I broke up with my boyfriend, I met this guy and within an hour he dared me to show my tits to him and his friend. So here I am 15 starting to finally come out of my shell. I lifted my pink shirt and bra that I had on and flashed him and his friend. Two weeks later, after casually hanging out here and there he picked me up from my house. I of course wore a short skirt to show off my best asset. I knew where we were headed, no words needed to be exchanged. I found out with a prior sex conversation that lightly running a finger slowly down his side would arouse him. I wanted to find out if it was true. I leaned over and slowly and lightly ran my finger down his right side. He looked over and smiled. That smile had me. I looked down and noticed his erection. I remember thinking oh my it’s big. I closed my legs tighter as my pussy begin to throb. I could not wait. I ran my hand down his leg and before I could grab ahold of his cock, we were at his house. We didn’t even make it fully into his house we stopped in his garage where the fun began. We started kissing. He dominated me with each kiss, leading me to a blanket on a raised platform. He positioned himself on top of me. He took both of his hands and yanked my skirt up. He kissed me harder as his hard cock rubbed up against my covered pussy. That alone got me wet. He then slid my panties to the side and inserted two fingers. “Oh your already wet,” he whispered in my ear. I was so turned on. I hurried up and turned pushing him on his back. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled everything down. I wrapped my hand around his shaft as I placed my mouth around the tip of his dick. I swirled my tongue around his whole head as this was my first time truly given oral. He guided me. The more I sucked the wetter my pussy became. He grabbed me, indicating he wanted me to sit on his face. He reached and pulled my panties to the side once again and started to suck on my clit. My legs begin to shake. The sensation was so intense. I sucked and licked his cock so fast like I was licking and sucking the biggest lollipop I had ever encountered. He taught me a lot of firsts, as he was my second sexual partner. When he was ready, he grabbed a condom and rolled it down on his cock. He laid me on my back and he climbed on top. He inserted himself slowly at first. He knew I wasn’t that experienced. Within time his rhythm increased faster and harder and before I knew it he was completely deep inside of me. I let out loud moans as the sensation intensified into my very first orgasm. Not long after he came as well. He took the condom off and laid along side of me. I remember laying there thinking OMG this is what sex was about. We began to kiss again and before I knew it all of our clothes were on the floor and he had me bent over. He paused for a brief second as he put on another condom and then pushed himself deep inside. He pushed so hard that my back instantly arched up. He took his hand n pressed in the center of my back as he eased up slightly with the following thrusts. I couldn’t control my moans. They were leaving my mouth before I could even press my lips together. His grip on my hips were so strong it left marks on them for the days that followed. He knew I could barely handle it. He turned me over on my back again. This time he went even harder and faster then the first time. We were both panting and moaning. His sweat begin to fall on my face, my tits, and my stomach. My body started to tense up. I couldn’t control it. Soon round 2 ended. We laid there panting, trying to catch our breathe. After a few minutes, he said he would be right back. He went to grab us something to drink. I pulled my hair up as the sweat ran down my body. I felt so relaxed. We sat there making small conversation. I started to pick up my clothes to get dress as I thought we were done. He grabbed me pulling me on top. He begin to kiss me again. My pussy got even wetter and the thought of his cock inside made it tingle. I wanted more! I held his dick and inserted him into me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. He told me to start off slow. My pussy throbbed so badly that I could feel it tighten around his cock. He bit his lip as the word fuck left his mouth. He sat up wrapping his arm around me as he quickly stood into a standing position. I wrapped my legs around him as he pushed me up against the wall. He picked up speed sending me into another orgasm. He quickly pulled out pinching the head of his dick. I lowered to my knees and opened my mouth wide. He slid his dick into my mouth. His load shot into the back of my mouth. I could feel his dick throb inside my mouth. I slowly sucked it pulling it out. I swallowed his load. There was a little left on the tip of his dick. I made sure there was nothing left as I licked it off. He released the beast inside….

1 year ago

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