Just venting and expressing my frustration in today's world. Almost two years since the pandemic started. Yet, no sign of recovery. The longer the pandemic goes on the more crazy people come out on the streets. While Politicians especially in the United States sit back at their desks taking their time or not doing anything to speed up the recovery. While other citizens are suffering and dying from covid-19 health issues, job losses, underpaid jobs, crazy homeless people trespassing private property without getting into trouble or released too early, and last people with racial social views are causing more problems than rather fixing the real social justice problems. While lobbyists see this as an opportunity to pay these lazy F**Ks to make more money for themselves and their rich friends. They better do something to fix these problems fast. If not? January 6th incident will not be the first or the last event on American soil. Someone or someone from the inside will have enough of this BS. For f**k sake, can this S**t be over soon! I am at the point. Thinking about becoming the Joker from the 2019 movie. Right now. Took a crappy job just to get by. It is a hit or misses every hour when comes to customer services. Now. I see why most people rather take unemployment because the management treated them like crap and rude Karen and Kens.

1 year ago

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