This isnt anythat that bad, but im just frustrated. I have had exams back to back for like the past 3 months, we finally have a winter break next month for 3 weeks and i was super excited because i thought i could finally relax. We do have another exam in the month after, but we still had time so i wasn't feeling that pressured. I go to coaching classes but recently my grades in math has dropped so i was thinking of joining a private tutor. And we had payed the instituion for the whole term so i decided i would continue there, as well as the private tutor. We were a bit confused about the timings since the tutor and the coaching classes are both in the evening and we were just waiting for the schedule. I just got the schedule for the coaching classes and the only days i have off is sunday, wednesday and friday minus the private tutor on sunday and wednesday so basically just friday. And i can get one of them in the morning....I HAVE to get one of them in the morning because i can't afford skipping classes. So now the only day i have is friday. I really thought i would go out, relax enjoy this month but i hardly have time. I have like 2 fridays to do that. Also my parents are divorced so they're gonna be fighting about who gets to take the kids. I really wont have time to go out with my friends or anything. I want to cry so bad. Its been so diffcult the past few months i feel like all i have been doing is waking up, studying, eating, studying, sleeping and repeat. And its not like my grades have gotten better despite all the hard work ive put in. I have had no motivation from anyone; i live with my mom and shes is extremly demotivating. I have no one to talk to; all my friends have their own problems and other friends they'd rather talk to. I feel like everything around me is such a mess. Even this month is gonna go by the exact same.

1 year ago

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