Im high rn but ive been tryna tell my mum for weeks that i want the pill (im 16 and my parents know that me and my bf gave sex and have given me the talks before including about being safe) but every time i come close to mentioning it she carries the conversation and wont let me input/talk about i want or she ignores me as usual bc her friends are around (its like she cant even hear or see me I've literally smoked next to her for minutes and she not even look at me but past me and I've even picked up her alcoholic drink and drank alot of it and she not notice like tf-) and basically woah im so high but yeh ima try and tell her again in the morning but i probs wont get a chance- i also only stay with her twice a week bc fall out alot and well i would tell my dad but thats wierd and hed only tell me to ask my mummmmm rstduc lol okay now i proper high so cannot see keyboard so goodbye 🍃

1 year ago

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