What am I doing writing on here. I don't even know anymore. I have people to talk to but it feels wrong. I feel like a burden. Knowing every one has there own burden to bare so why should I put mine upon some one else. Especially when the person bringing you down the most, is the same one who wants to see me rise from the ashes of my own burnt down feelings. He gives me his burdens expecting that I should do the same but what he doesn't know is I don't. My boulders that I used to bare on my shoulders exposed are now hidden from sight underground so much to the point where I have to dig to reach my own feelings. And I'm the only one who knows their there. I must stay strong because I know some day my boulders may become gems but the pressure to do that has been seeming to immense. Why am I even writing this. It's useless like everything else I try. I wish no one cared I wish I had no one to care but at the same time the only reason I have developed hope to not crack under the pressure is my girl. My sweet little gem. I promise you have made life worth living I will not let you down.

2 years ago

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