I don’t know what’s wrong with my dad. It’s like he can’t see how bad he is. I love him so much and am highly thankful for the things he’s done for everyone in my family. But even with all those incredible things he’s done, he’s turned so many of my family members against him. He can’t control his anger. It doesn’t matter the time or place, he will verbally abuse you if he’s upset with you. Even when he’s not in a bad mood, if you tell him he’s done something wrong he’ll double down on the things he’s said. Some things he says are absolutely inexcusable. All the loud screaming he has done and still does have traumatized me. I have panic attacks when any kind of altercation takes place. The altercation doesn’t even have to include him, I just hear him in my head when other people argue and it freaks me out. I shouldn’t have forgiven the last few things he’s done but he always reels me back in. I’m still affected by the past things he’s done and I’ve had to leave my home over 10 times this year just to avoid his wrath. He’s not going to change because he doesn’t see anything wrong. He’s delusional, deceptive, and manipulative . Like I said, I love him but i also can’t cut just stop talking to him because I have financial ties to him. I can’t leave or minimize the situation. I just needed to vent, if you made it this far, thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to this ramble

2 years ago

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