so. lets just stop and think for a second. jaden, you said you love me, correct? but heres the thing, i bet its so much easier for you to say it then mean it huh? okay so lets forget about all those times you said you "love" me and lets move on to the other topic at hand. you always say you want to meet up, right? because you and i went to middle school together and now that we live 3 hours apart and havent seen eachother for years you say, "i'll get a car and drive up to see you" but how the FUCK are you going to do that if you cant even talk to me lately? god you said next year you'll come over and we'll do everything together but i feel like i dont even KNOW you i havent heard your voice in years and havent seen your face at all for even longer ALL I GET ARE THDE FUCKING MESSAGES AND I CANT EVEN TELL IF YOU MEAN A WORD YOU SAY ANYMORE so fuck. fuck you, fuck this, fuck everything. i cut myself today in the shower while listening to astronomy to conan gray because "we're two world apart" and "you're pointing out stars in the sky that already died" because WERE dead jaden, you and i dont even feel like a thing anymore and FUCK i still love you i love you so much, but FUCK you bruh i just broke my 4 month streak because of your bullshit

2 years ago

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