Uh I literally have no one to share this with and i wanna get this off my chest. My dad cheated on my mom and she recently found out abt it. Me and sister knew abt this for quite some time now, and we decided to not tell her bcz my mom’s too emotional and we were afraid tht she might end up doing something crazy. So she found out, went berserk on her husband, they had a huge fight. me and my sister tried convincing her to get a divorce, but my “dad” is very manipulative so somehow he convinced my mom to not to get a divorce. Me and my sister were obviously angry. My mom then went on to ask my sister to forgive him and move on. My sister said something and one thing led to another and they end up having a fight, a pretty serious one.. it was awful. Idk um.. while trying to stop them i got myself hurt too. We all said a lot of fuckd up shit, and tbh i feel awful abt it, but she basically took out her frustration on us bcz she couldn’t take it out on her husband. Anyways she apologized to my sister but not to me. Idk man I don’t think i can ever recover from something like this. Never expected to see such a hideous side of my parents.

2 years ago

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