I made this (online) friend group after I met this girl. I have always had bad experiences with friends, mainly being the second option. With her though, I really thought she was different - we had so much in common and helped eachother with real life situations. I really felt like I had found my best friend. Then I decided to get her and another one of my friends to meet ( who I had known for quite a long time ). Everything was perfect at first but about a week ago I noticed they had suddenly became alot closer. This is when I really started feeling like a third wheel and also miserable. I kept it hidden for a day or two but ended up letting them know and they somewhat reassured me. I still felt like the least favourite though. Then friend 2 let me know that she was crushing and that really got me worried because she's done this before. My original best friend and her had gotten together and kind of ended up ghosting me. I got really afraid that it would happen again, especially since I really adore friend 1. I was supportive nevertheless but lowkey was hoping nothing would come of it. This lasted a few days. Today, I woke up to messages and posts announcing they were together. I've been miserable all day, I feel like I've lost my two best friends and that they don't even care. Usually, they ask if I'd like to join their call as soon as I wake up, but today they didn't even mention it. Friend 2 slipped up and said that they were playing games together aswell but neither of them offered me to come join. Friend 1 at least realised how paranoid I must have been feeling when she was telling me, because she tried to reassure me that nothing would change, but it is very risky. I have a bad feeling it really will though and I don't know what to do. She even mentioned that she has been in my position before so that got me a little annoyed. It got me thinking - if you truly saw me as your bets friend and cared for me, why would you even risk such a thing? I really want to be happy for them but I'm struggling really hard. I've been people's second option my whole life and I finally felt secure with someone. Now it's slipping out of my hands and I don't know what else to do but watch. What should I do?

2 years ago

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