Okok so heres the thing, my guy bsf broke up with my girl bsf a few weeks ago. They still liked eachother its just that her mom found out and they had to break up cuz of that. And yesterday i hung out with him and another two of my guy friends. And so uesterday he was following me like a little duckling following its momma duck, protecting me from bumping into walls and making us seem SOOOO much like a couple to the public and shit. Yesterday he also said “i claim u” repeatedly in our priv dms when we both got home. Obvi i acted dumb. AND TODAY HE KEEPS SAYING HE WANTS TO ASK OUT HIS CRUSH. And hes told my bsf that hes moved on and likes me. IDK IF HES SERIOUSLY TALKING ABT ME OR NOT 😭😭 (im sry, i have left out a hell lotta details….. 😅 but uh yea)

1 year ago

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