I can´t fall in love again.

Long story short, my ex boyfriend broke up with me because ¨our lives were too different¨ and not even a week later he got with my bestfriend. And honestly, I thought I been heartbroken before. Usually, it´s easy for me to move on. Im not sure why, but ive always been able to say fuck that guy and find someone else to make me happy. But its been forever, and Im still up all night with constant reminders on how I got used. I cant help but blame and blame myself and whenever other people are around or whenever im on social media I act like I usually do like fuck this guy and her for doing that to me I dont need them anyways, im independent. But in reality, those were the only two people I had. Ive tried to talk to other people. And everytime I think im getting over the situation it hits ten times worse. I honestly have no idea what to do. Ive never felt so alone. So, thats how I ended up ranting on an anynomous website. 1. nobody knows who I am. And 2. I really have no one to talk to. But besides my personal problems, I hope the rest of you have a lovely day.

1 year ago

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