A Vietcong named ‘Apache’ tortured and castrated American soldiers. She was the top VC interrogator. Her victims endured prolonged suffering and sometimes she kept them alive for weeks. She revived them after they would pass out so she could inflict more pain on them. She was known for “degloving” the penis and testicles. She would cut around under the head of the cock to loosen the skin from the shaft to roll and slide the skin down to the base exposing the raw penis. Much like pulling a pillow case down and off the pillow. Then she would torture the raw cock by touching and stroking it, applying salt, alcohol, etc. Hours later she would roll the skin back up the shaft and sew it under the head with sutures. Sometimes she cut it around the base too, near the balls and then she pulled the skin up the shaft and over the head to completely remove it. She laid the tube of skin aside and later she pulled it back over the head and sewed it back in place. In the meantime the denuded shaft was punished and tortured. The next day she would deglove the guy’s balls by removing his scrotum sac leaving his balls exposed for torture before cutting them off. She’d keep his ball sac to use as a purse. She also collected foreskins that she personally removed. It was said she had quite a collection of foreskins and scrotum purses which she often gave as gifts to VC officials and to her students aspiring to be as accomplished as her. She was eventually killed by a shot from a US sniper team that was hunting her.

1 year ago

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