I messed up and told my sister something I wasn’t. My sister moved out and didn’t tell my parents where she lives because she wanted privacy. My mom suspected she lived with her boyfriend and she told me she looked at my sister’s boyfriend’s page on Facebook. My mom went to look at her boyfriend’s parents page because my mom was worried for my sister and just wanted to know who my sis’s bf parents were just in case something happens to my sister. I told my sister and she got really mad. She called me and cussed my mom out because she wanted privacy and my mom looking at her boyfriend’s parents page was out of pocket. I was trying to tell her that my mom did it because she cares for my sister and she was just worried. My sister said she didn’t care and if she dies she dies. My sister was saying how she hated my mom and was saying how she didn’t care if my mom did it because she cares. She said she didn’t want to have anything to do with my parents. My mom angrily said that my sister wasn’t her daughter anymore and hung up, crying. Then my sister texted me. She said my mom didn’t understand and she was mad at me for siding with my mom. I never said that what my mom did was right. All I said was that my mom did it because she cares for my sister. My sister cussed me out and said she hated her whole family. She said she should’ve known that I would be like this. (Siding with my mom). She blocked my number, Facebook account, and Instagram account. I always supported her and was there for her when she needed it. I always listened to her problems. I’m just hurt because she said she hated me. Like after all that I’ve done for her and this one thing (siding with my mom) is what makes her hate me. Like did our relationship mean that little to you. She always gave her friends and bfs so many chances when they did her wrong and she always had a civil talk with them. But when it came to me she didn’t have a civil talk with me nor did she even hear me out. I have never done her wrong before. I understand and know that my parents have hurt her a lot. I see it because I’m her sister. But I just wanted to let her know that my mom looked at her boyfriend’s parent’s page not because she wanted to invade my sister’s life but because my mom cared and was worried for her. I’m not sure if I’m being ignorant and not understanding my sister. If you’ve read this far please let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading it all! ❤️❤️ This has just been on my mind recently and I can’t get it out of my head.

2 years ago

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