I’m so annoying

so I just need to vent like I feel so annoying.. to like my friends and my cousins they leave me out of a lot of stuff I hate it I like listening to music while my parents argue.. but there’s a girl I like I feel like I’m fading away our relationship I just feel so annoying I text her a lot and I feel like she does not like it at all I just want to die I wanna starve I wanna cut myself I wanna cry.

22 days ago

no no no you are not annoying my love please reach out and talk to me id be very happy to help you and you would never be annoying me unless you spam the living shit outta me on snap. please reach out to me please, you wouldnt be annoying me either because i only feel like a good person when people trust me and open up to me. my insta is m3ntalc4se my tiktok is s4tanicwh0re my snap is aaliyah_zaiser0 please talk to me darling

21 days ago