So when I was little I mean 5 yrs old I was being sexually assaulted by almost every teen in my family I grew up thinking it was normal and when I went to school girls at my school who lived in my apartment complex sexually assaulted me I was being sexually assaulted at school at home at my cousins everywhere I went…I ended up doing it to another girl I was 7 I didn’t realize at the time I was sexually assaulting someone when she said she wanted to stop I stopped we were still friends only because we didn’t know the pain that I caused her i moved away a couple months after and when I moved away I did it again with 2 of my neighbors I sexually assaulted them I was 10 we did it twice but I started realizing that this wasn’t ok so I told them we should stop even tho they asked to keep going it was my fault for bringing this upon them every day I kill myself with regret because if I would’ve just had someone to tell me this wasn’t ok I would’ve never have done this to anyone I fucking hate myself for bringing pain to them I can’t live with myself knowing what I did I know I was a kid but I still did it I’m 17 now and I’m going to try and find them when I’m 18 I have to tell them I’m sorry for causing them I would have never done what I did knowing I’d hurt someone in the future i don’t deserve forgiveness but they deserve to know that I’m not happy and I will never happy for what I did and that I’m sorry if you want to know how old they are one if 17 or 18 the other is 16 and the last one is 15 if you want to tell me something I’ll be reading the comments btw we were all girls I was assaulted by women

1 year ago

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