all i have to say to my ex wife. ill see you in court. again. Let's make one thing clear (here) Here, my dear, my resolute for this year No pollution, fresh air My solution, long hair with a fat ass, I'm deadass Mile high club 'til I jetlag Rothstein flow, casino And you're just like Ginger, we know Single negro, I don't need your double standards and hypocrisy And that fake hand holding on Father's Day You a different motherfucker when you not with me Been sleepin' with the enemy, mockery It's like I'm John F. Kennedy, shots at me Yes, I'm President of Debauchery None of that bullshit ever got to me 'Cause your pillow, Brillo, ditto Breakin' this shit down little by little I ain't got time for the fuckin' pom-poms Shoulda never let this dog out of that kennel

2 years ago

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