my best friend has started hanging out with a group of people every single day that have mistreated me by not including me and ignoring me for years. they used to do this to her as well but as soon as they started including her she melded right into the group. she makes no effort to include me in all the activities they do together and seemingly doesn’t care about how this has hurt me. it makes me sad because I know if the situations were reversed I’d be making the most effort to include her and make her feel better. the guy she really likes is part of the group and they’ve been hanging out one on one a lot, so maybe that’s why she doesn’t want me around. they’re all religious and though I’ve been forced into church my whole life, I don’t believe in god so maybe that’s why I don’t really fit in. regardless, I don’t really have any other friends or groups to hang out with so I’m just alone all the time now. we used to do things together all the time and now she barely responds to my snaps. I’ve just been feeling really sad, lonely, and worthless lately; like no one cares about me. I can’t stop thinking about how much I always care and listen to her, and she gets angry if I don’t pay attention to details about her emotions, but she never makes an effort to listen to mine. If I brought up feeling bad about something I know she would brush it off and make it sound unimportant. It’s really hard to live right now I feel like I’m suffocating in all of this and there’s no one I can talk to it about. all my other friends/acquaintances are closer with her than they are with me, so they would see it as an attack on her and tell her.

1 year ago

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