3 Genius ideas by me. 1-Thriddle. Thriddle is paid subscription app that has you solve riddles in a thrilling way. When subscribed to the service, you get a device that releases a knock-out gas within a certain timeframe. The goal of thriddle is to solve the riddle within a certain timeframe before the device emits the gas and knocks you out. Please note that The Timer on the riddle does not start unless the device is attached, and will stop if when it’s detached as well. 2- Büber Buber is the exact same thing as Uber. Just the drivers are topless chicks. 3- Dr. Frankenstein’s hamster revival Kids and their hamsters. They’re always dying though. Well what if I told you there was a “solution”? With Dr. Frankenstein’s hamster revival you can bring your hamster back to life! How it works is: With the app, call a worker to come and pick up your dead hamster and it’ll take it to “dr. Frankenstein” where he will “revive” it. What actually happens is we take the hamster to this little basement where we have a guy, who will paint all its features onto a new solid colored hamster. Once he’s done with that a guy comes and ships your “resurrected” hamster back to you. And the kid never knows. These are all incredibly genius

1 year ago

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