Tell Me!!! Tell me why people are animals which prey off other weaknesses. Tell me why people treat you like shit till your hurt. Then act as if they ca save you from what's bound to come next (suicide). Tell me why people are corrupt when given power, why do they choose the ones the like, over the ones who always do right. Tell me why people would create life just to throw it aside and walk away. Tell me why a mother would go through 9 months of pain to get rid of the aftermath. Tell me why kids grow up to blame themselves for things they have no control over. Tell me why me, myself is the cause of everyone's pain. Tell me why I destroy everything I touch and love. Tell me why I go searching for something just the destroy it when I find it. Tell me why when I put the gun to my head, all the negative thoughts go away. Tell me why I feel like living when I just want to die. Tell me why the world keeps spinning when I myself stop moving. Tell me why I pretend that everything is okay when it's not. Tell me why I feel alone when im surrounded by people. Tell me why I should stay, if no one cares if I go. What makes my life worth living?

2 years ago

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