She's always telling me about other guys. All the fucking time. We're not dating, but we dated before, twice, and I broke up with her.. twice. She just never fucking shuts up about these guys she meets on fucking SNAPCHAT. HELLO?? I"M A REAL FUCKING PERSON, REAGAN! I'M A REAL FUCKING GUY, AND I HAVE REAL FUCKING FEELINGS! I DO MORE THAN JUST ASK FOR NUDES AND SEND UNWANTED DICK PICS. FUCK YOU! I FUCKING LOVE YOU AND YOU THINK I'M A USELESS FUCKING FUCK! You said you'd never felt that way about anyone before. Right to my fucking face. Fuck you. FUCK YOU! Never felt that way about the person who sits on call with you for fucking hours while you vent to me about shitty guys and shitty parents and how you love your stupid fucking boy toys. I don't even know if you fucking realize, which is probably the worst part. I'm a real person. Guys on a screen don't give a fuck about you, and no matter how many times I say it, you don't fucking believe that I give a shit. I fucking DM assholes for you just so they'll get off your ass, and I've pretended to be you boyfriend, AFTER WE DATED TWO FUCKING TIMES, just so some fucking pervs will leave you alone. I've beat guys up for you, I've held your fucking hand while you cried, with makeup running down you face onto my comforter. We laid in my bed and watched fucking Tom Segura and laughed like madmen for hours on end, and then we fell asleep, and when I woke up, you were cuddled into my fucking arms and it was the cutest fucking thing, but then you left my house, and not even an hour later you're texting me about this new guy, and how you're in love with him or some shit, and I don't even know his name yet. I feel like I'm just a fucking dog that you're dangling a bone over, just keeping my attention every once and awhile so I'll keep up the false hope that one day I'll be one of the guys you sneak out of the house to hook up with, except we wont just be a one time thing. You drive me crazy. The funniest part is that I love you so much I fucking hate you. I fucking hate you so fucking much. I haven't talked to you in months, and now you fucking call me every fucking day, leaving voicemails consisting of "(MY NAME), I'm sorry! I Miss you, I love you! (SOME GUY) Dumped me, and I'm lonely! I need someone to talk to", and so on. Talk to one of the other 3000000 fucking guys in you phone. I'm not shaming you, but fuck sake, if you'd just fucking notice me once.. just fucking once, maybe I'd have the energy to give a shit at this point. Fuck you, reagan. I fucking loved you, and now when I hear your name I wanna fucking scream, and I Do scream. I pull my hair out over you, and I'm fucking writing an anonymous post about you. I fucking hate you. So fucking much.

2 years ago

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