I really love my boyfriend a lot and he’s made my mental health so much better than it was before but I’m moving to a different state next year and I can’t do the long distance, it’ll kill us, but he’s had such a big impact on my life I don’t wanna end it. I have to force myself to do it in the next couple months so my main focus is on my friends so I have more memories of them than him and so I can move on. he adores me like I’m everything to him and I kinda am, (currently crying now aaa) and he’s kinda one of my main reasons why I wake up (and I hate change). If this made any sense, go sleep deprived meee. He’s so kind, loving and respectful but I go to a small school and it will be hard as shit to avoid him I just sound like I’m complaining now soz whoever poor person who tries to read this.

2 years ago

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