Hear me out. Trans people. A MAN who wants to be a “women” doesn’t realize how offensive that is. Basically all women have ever worked for home down the drain. Like this man will never fear being followed home. He’ll never fear being raped or kidnapped. Same goes for WOMEN who wanna be men. It’s not okay to be a white male until you’re a trans white male. Also if you wanna be trans then say you’re a girl or boy don’t say you’re trans all the time that has nothing to do with your gender. But like if that oli guy on tiktok can’t be trans racial because “he’s never experienced the hate you get before” or he “never grew up with that fear” then why is it okay to be trans. That’s all I have to say I’m not trying to start a fight just sharing an opinion. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

2 years ago

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