Slut Mode

I’ve been so on edge for a few days. I’m literally hyper aware of my cock and balls, asshole, and even nipples. Maybe it’s been I’ve been sick for a few weeks with cold and finally getting over it. All I know is I have to go the bathroom every now and then to peel back my foreskin and use paper towels to clean up the constant flow of precum. My balls ache. But I have always disliked jacking off, because it feels like wasting cum. I do edge, teasing and stroking my cock, massaging my asshole, pinching my nipples, etc. I feel like I’m in heat, like an animal. I’m anxious, but too busy with work to cruise for a partner like I feel I need to. At the same time I’m too horny to be productive with work. I need to hunt, and be hunted.

1 year ago

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