ear Black People, I hope you read this and realize that you are starting to be seen as what you ARE and have ALWAYS been: Racists Oh, I know what your dumb little brain is thinking: "I can't be racist because racism is about the system." but get this: you are the other Majority race in America. What you idiots are doing in the streets, killing other minorities it's starting to be noticed and paid close attention to. Remember the Philipino lady your black "Brotha" kicked half to death? Yeah, that's racism and it's not the first nor the last time your dumbasses have shown it this month and won't be the last either. Remember the two bitches that killed the Middle Eastern man? Those two little cunts in DC were BLACK not white. Just remember that YOUR race started this and NOW the other minorities whom you've disrespected are starting to get frustrated and they'll be coming for you and I personally look forward to watching your race squirm and try to excuse your way out of it like Muriel Bowser did. Problem is, you won't be able to and YOUR race which is by far the most hypocritical of them all when it comes to race matters will be shown that the other minority groups, such as mine, don't simply forgive and forget. Enjoy the red road of Native Lives starting to matter and more than that enjoy the LatinX community, Asian American Community, Middle Eastern Community, and other communities coming to teach you a lesson. You created this, now you suffer in it, you deserve it. #StandingRock

2 years ago

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