I love my boyfriend with my whole heart. i would do anything for him, honestly. however, lately ive become more manipulative over him and i dont know how to stop. he always tells me its ok, but honestly i dont enjoy feeling thiis way. i get responses ike "i dont know what to tell you" and "i dont know what to do" which always reminds me of what my mom used to say to me when i was trying to describe my depression. this is where i started the manipulation, to try to get him to stop. he never stopped but it grew to me saying stuff like "you dont have to [do thing], but in my opinion its just [hurting you/going to hurt you/backfire]" and "i dont think youre understanding me" to little things like when my jealousy overtakes me. i love him to bits and he always says i could never change his opinion on him, but im just...very scared either way.

2 years ago

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