My ex left me last year, I havent seen or heard from her but I hear from everyone that knows me which I dont care, but what does bother me is the fact she has another man around my son an wont let me meet or hold him and she ripped my daughter away for him to mind you i did nothing to provoke this. Now she see I'm doing good opened my own buisness about to open a second out of state an she pops up for child support when I've been begging for my kids offering money asking what they need but she never answers or tells me she wont even speak to me because of the other man mind you i just paid 15k for a lawyer because when she decided to leave for him she stole my house during the beginning of covid all my belongings even my cloths I had to start from scratch why tho like just why smfh who does shit like that? Am I wrong for being mad asf an wanting to punch her dad in the face for making that evil little lawn knomb

2 years ago

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