This mother's day is crap. No card, no flowers (or dandelions!), Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Treat your wife good. Treat your mom good. She does so much crap for you literally from the second you tear open her lady bits at birth to her last dying breath. She doesn't stop from the second she wakes up til the second her head hits the pillow. If you haven't told her that you love her today, get your sorry butt on the phone and call her, and bring her a damn coffee and flowers. Don't be ungrateful. You too husband's of supermoms. Show your wife that you appreciate her giving up her body and career to birth your children. She loves them, but my god give her a damn break. And clean the damn kitchen for once! Happy mother's Day to the moms that have kids and a husband that ACTUALLY remembered to pick you flowers, even if they were dandelions

2 years ago

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