I can never speak my mind especially online I feel if I do everyone will hate me or think I’m stupid or a cry baby I can never vent with out feeling like no one will care and then I try to get my self to not think that but then I do and I cry and I feel so stupid and worthless I’m so cared that people will think I’m weak if they see me cry I think people won’t care if I am hurting I feel so bad about everything about my feelings and my thoughts I can be a little over hyper some times and I feel stupid when I’m like that and people react a certain way I hate my over active mind that keep my anxiety close by when I feel fine it’s all cool and then boom I think “will my friends even care if I died” or “dose anyone care that I’m hurting mentally” It hurts to feel these ways and I’m scared of these feelings a lot of the time and I’m scared I have a hard time showing emotions physically

1 year ago

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