From the moment I started talking to you I knew that it wasn't good because I would catch feelings towards you but I ignored that and kept talking to you but I wish I hadn't because now I'm hooked to you and idk how to tell you that everytime I send a "ily bro" and you say it back it means more to me than it does to you. I wish you would just see past the friends part and actually see that I'm the only one that stuck by your side or constantly asked how you were I've always been there when you had those bad moods every damn time but now it's like I'm just a ghost, it's like I'm not important to you but it's not like I was in the first place mate. I'll still be by your side even if u don't want me to and it's gonna hurt me a lot to hold onto these feelings even tho I said it wouldn't hurt it really does and I feel like crying my eyes out till I can't anymore but if I do that'll just make me weak so I choose to keep it in and hurt all by myself because when I do no one else has to experience my pain.

2 years ago

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