Sad and confused

I’ve been talking to this man for a while now and I’ve gotten used to having him around. It was always nice even though it wasn’t anything special I loved when he came over. But something changed he met someone I guess or maybe she’s always been there. I tried to leave several times but I couldn’t and he always comes back and I let him back in because it was very uncomfortable to deal with not having him in my life anymore. I knew it was bad for me to keep letting him in because he heat taking and taking it was draining but did some reason I wanted to stay deep down I wanted to stay even when I kept saying I didn’t want to I knew I wanted to I just couldn’t accept the fact. Anyways recently we don’t even have amazing sex if we even have sex at all, it would always just be on top wager to satisfy him but I don’t get that in return. In the past few weeks he’d come over kiss me like it’s his last day alive luke his life ducking depends on it. He’s such an amazing kisser probably the best. I’d perform orak sex on him and he’ll just leave after that. It hurt everyone he did that I felt used but I still did it again and again. He said some pretty horrible stuff to me too and I always forgive him. With all of this and his kyung should’ve made me leave him but I felt more drawn to him each time. But finally he broke things off today I mean last night, this isn’t the first time but it feels like it’s for real this time. Because he acknowledged that he’s been hurting me and apologised and told me to take care of myself. I hated that but I guess I know what he meant. However I’m worries about him abs I know I should leave him alone hopefully I will but I’m so tempted to check on him because no matter what I still have love for him, I’m not in love with him I don’t think I’ve ever been but I deeply care for him. I pray he is okay and I hope I can move on from all this very soon.

10 months ago

I've been in a similar situation and it took me months to not talk to him or text him anymore but once it's over its worth it

9 months ago