I recently have had a lot of health problems. I had to change jobs right as they kinda started up furiously. Things snowballed from there and now I’m probably gonna end up loosing the current job I do have now. Not only that but I worry about being able to pay rent and feed myself and my two pets. Then I learn today that my beloved niece is pretty much being abused and because I’m not financially stable I can’t take her in. It upsets me because I love that child to death and the thought of her being hurt like I was growing up kills me. I seriously wish I was in a good place right now not just for myself but for that child. Hell If life was like the asian dramas I watch I’d marry someone I didn’t really know but who’d take care of me and be able to let me protect that child. Unfortunately I live in reality and that doesn’t happen. I feel like a failure and kinda want my health problems to kill me already. I can’t help the people I care about so why am I here? To suffer and watch the ones I love suffer?

1 year ago

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