These last 2 years of my life have been a living hell, I lived with my mother my whole life and she’s convinced me that my dad doesn’t want anything to do with me at all she depends on me to pretty much play her role I’m 18 I’ve take care of all of my sisters day n night while my mom goes to drink or party any ways that not the story I wanna tell I wanna talk about the bs that’s been going on so one day I’m home watching my sister as perusal and my mom comes to me n tells me that she’s going to Vegas and that I have to watch her bd kids so he can take her n my other sister w his wife bc I’m watching his kids for a week while she’s in Vegas my stepdad ,her husband told her not to go n if she’s does he’s leaving her so he did and left me and all my sister plus my sister’s siblings packed all his stuff oh and he has a daughter with my mom he doesn’t wanna take her he just dips and I’m in the house no lights barely any food so my mom come back from Her fun vacation and realizes he left her and took everything then instead of talking to him like a married couple should she decided to move to another state I had to leave my 2 sisters behind bc they have their own dad and he offered to take care of them while she get back on her feet, she never puts the effort to get on her feel she play victim she wants stuff to come easy to her and she always showed me different men that help her then when they’re done being juiced out she goes to the next so we move to another state no money no car we’re basically couch hoping and I told her I don’t wanna do this anymore I want us to be stable and I’ll get a job ( mind you my mom never let me get a job or teach me how to drive bc I’m allowed to do it at 21) she said that no to watch my sisters siblings while everyone goes to work n I’m just a free babysitter so I called my dad which I never do n my dad offered help my mom wanted no help at all so I left and went w my dad and my dad started helping me he help me get a bank account and job was teaching me how to drive and all my mom would do is say I’m ungrateful I’m living with him for around 8 months in the same house I’m not watching kids I still called my mom n sister all the time but out of no where my mom tell me she’s she’s been state to state and couch hoping bc they didn’t want her living there if she didn’t have anything to offer for the house i get upset n tell her Why don’t u get a two job and really hustle she says no bc she’ll be to tired and she’s doesn’t wanna over work herself but it’s like u got to bc u have nothing rn might as well try at least my mom doesn’t wanna look for gov assistant bc “she’s too good for that” fast forward some she has her own little apartment n she wants me to move back with her and I gave in and did whole times she’s tell me you’re not gonna watch kids or have to help me pay anything bc I’m good now n I’m like that’s still my mom so I say you know I can always you out I get to her apartment there no furniture no she backed up 2 months of rent and Tell me to pay it or I can leave and she’ll never talk to me again I did everything in my power to not pay it I signed her up for rent relief programs and put her budget billing payed her WiFi mind you I just got a new job bc I moved with her and still wasn’t able to get a car so I’m helping her with all I have n she kicked me out today bc her car broke down n I don’t want to pay it she’s told me so many hurtful things about while she kicked me to the curb all I can do it just prove her wrong and do good with my life I love my sisters so very much like they are mind but she turned them all against me I’m broke af bc I’m stupid for giving her all my money and what I realize is I never got a thank you ugh I’m just rambling my life’s ass rn but its gonna get better

2 years ago

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