You don't know how fucking pissed I am at my no good son of a bitch dad because he literally kept me up ALL FUCKING NIGHT fucking constantly walking back and forth mumbling grumbling and cussing about petty stupid shit because he's drunk/under influence of drugs again. I wish I could get the fuck away from here. Also my Dr sort of invalidated me the other day as well being judgy judgemental towards me while their life is heaven compared to mine they don't have a clue what I'm going through with my parents. I didn't appreciate that. Anyway it was absolutely ridiculous for dad to be acting like that , and he's still mocking me and cussing crap since mom woke him up for breakfast though it seemed as if he finally fell asleep as I got up about an hr ago. Sure enough he's acting the same crappy way with the tone of him having sour lemon pickle juice lemonade in his mouth. I've had basically near 0 sleep thanks to him. I couldn't sleep off my Benadryl so that didn't help things either. When is this bullshit going to stop. I haven't slept well in almost 2 weeks. I know if he kept me up he did mom too since her bed his next to where he lays no they don't sleep in the same bed anymore. Absolutely ridiculous bullshit. Yes I yelled and told him to shut up earlier and he heard me and just mocked like a school yard bully in a sour tone of voice. Why'd he ever have come back into my life for he's been nothing but a thorn in my side ever since. I hope you get back all the bad treatment you've given us and me dad. Then they'll really be a reason for you to cry like a baby whine n complain. Maybe you should be homeless again. You and your sister act near the same in that area. I wish grandma and grandpa would haunt your ass. I get sick of his abusive behavior.

1 year ago

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