I am a strong independent woman.But no one knows how I truly feel.The secrets that I have to hide from the world for the sake of my family.I plaster a smile on my face and no one can tell it is a fake smile.My family depends on me to help them with the land and animals since my older sister can't get her life together.I sacrificed the dream of leaving my hometown and going of to college for the sake of my family.They need me and I understand that.I just feel alone at times.I wish to that I could be with a man and have kids of my own but it would seem fate doesn't have that in my cards.But anyway what man would ever want a woman that is covered in scars.Not only that but can't guarantee him a child because I have endometriosis.That is what happened to me my first love of two years left me because I couldn't guarantee him a child and also cheated on me the night I had surgery to do a discovery surgery on the endometriosis growing in me.I stuck here alone with my thoughts wondering if I will ever be loved.

3 years ago

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