I’ve long hated myself for things I can’t control, so I’ll get straight to the point by saying that I am 20 years old, and I have sagging breasts. It’s so embarrassing to be this young, only to have the body of an old woman. I can’t walk around without a bra because it’s viewed as “disgusting” to the general population, whereas if they were perky, it would be a whole different story, making that whole situation even worse. I can’t sit down with my knees against my chest (without a bra on), because my nipples literally touch the top of my knees. Sometimes, when taking a bath, or sitting down without a bra on, my nipples will touch the water, or they’ll lay flat across my stomach, skin to skin, and it disgusts me to no end. I want to be confident in my natural body, but it’s hard to love myself when it’s not something to love. What does a woman benefit from sagging breasts? I mean, come on, really. Absolutely nothing, especially at such a young age. I want perky breasts, ones that 20 year olds SHOULD have. I want to look in the mirror and see happy breasts, not sad ones, like?? What makes it even WORSE, is that my boobs aren’t even big! I have small, sagging, big-nippled breasts.. triple fucking homicide. My last resort is getting an augmentation + breast lift, but that is VERY costly. As one who lives in a small town, raised by parents who live off of paycheck to paycheck (no hate, I love them with all of me), yeah… I have a ways to go to make some type of money like that. Oh, also, I hate it when my boobs face opposite ways when I lay down, instead of just staying in place. I literally want to kill myself. How good women have it, to have such flawless boobs. If you’re reading this and you do, no hate. I just envy, that’s all :’) Much love, thanks for reading. P.S. : If you’d like to make a donation to help me raise my tiddies, my cash app is : $lilbabyyyxxx (had to make a new user because I didn’t want anyone to know my real name LOL)

2 years ago

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