3:57 in the morning,august 1st,last night I finally texted you because I couldn't stand it anymore and I just wanted to talk to you again,you asked who I was and said you'd been over me for months that you love your "husband" like you just fucking forgot me.What the fuck is wrong with you I know I'm not perfect but what the actual fuck I waited on you I loved you and you throw away 6 months or time effort and love like it isn't shit I loved you more than anything in this fucking world and I still do and you do that shit to me and make me feel worthless what the fuck am I supposed to do now?I know Im shitty but I you didn't need to do this shit you couldve had the fucking decency to tell me it was over instead of hitting me with this now I don't know what the fuck to do,I have no motivation and I really don't have any will to live I can't even say I hate you at this point because it would be a lie I still love the fuck out of you and that's what sucks so much,I fucking hate this,I miss you so much and you do this shit,I don't know what else to say,I love you and I always will but God damnit what the hell is wrong with you I thought you loved me I guess forever and always doesn't mean shit after all

2 years ago

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