So today I forgot my mask in my sport camp. The camp is 7-11am. It’s no big deal to forget your mask because it isn’t mandatory but Im very insecure about my face. I felt troubled and scared about people’s looks m. I felt like I was being judged and hated on. I guess the amount of times I’ve been called ugly or people have talk about my facial features got to me. I was very sacred and nervous at first but then I told myself so what. It’s not like I can go back home how anyways so… I just sucked it up. It was really hard but since I had no expectations for people and People had none for me about my face it took the pressure off a bit. It was going great until my crush showed up. I felt…. The way I felt cannot be explained, he didn’t have a mask on Too and didn’t need it. I mean who would want to cover up such beautiful face. I kept hiding and avoiding his gaze until it was time for everyone to go to their specific sport. I don’t know what to do… how am I going to overcome this?? AHHHHAAAAHHHH

2 years ago

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