so me and my gf started dating in December of 2019we dated for a very short period of time but we remained very close after the break up for a long time. during that time she dated a different girl that she always told me not to worry about while we were dating. they soon broke up bc my ex told me she still had feelings for me so in april of 2020 we started dating again until September of 2020. for that whole period the other girl was blocked on everything. when we broke up in september she started dating another girl she told me not to worry about and this absolutely crushed me. i fell head over heals in love for her i would’ve done absolutely anything. so from the end of september to december we still remained in contact but it was very rough and traumatic for me she would block me then unblock me say some of the cruelest things i think a person could say. but i still fought for her back bc i loved her so much. we finally got past that stage so we started dating in december of 2020 it was going really good i had 100% thought she had changed. but in january we broke up for like a week and during that week she went back to the first girl from 2019 but shortly after blocked her when we got back together a week later then we had a really long stretch of just happiness we traveled to flordia and iowa together she told me how she was gonna marry me and was so sorry for everything she had done in the past to hurt me and swore she had changed that she didn’t care about anyone but me and she fr wasn’t going anywhere this time we came up with our kids names planned out future everything. but at the very end of april 2021 we broke up again for about a week and yet again she went back to the first girl they kissed it ripped my heart out of my chest that she kept going back to her. but then like a week later at the start of may we got back together and it was going so good again that girl was blocked and i was just so happy but now at the begging of june she broke up with me again and went back to the same girl. now i just have the worst panic attacks waiting for her to come back. i can’t stand to watch her move on or to like anyone but me. i just don’t know what to do i’m so crazy head over heals in love with this girl i don’t see anyway i can let her go. she says we are working on our mental health rn then we’re getting back together but she’s still talking to that other girl that she always goes back too. she broke up with me a week before my birthday i need help what do i do bc i can’t lose her

2 years ago

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