Why won't you help me? I didn't even want a baby at first, it took a year of you talking me into it. Now we have our baby boy and I am so happy to have him, but I really expected more from you. I breastfeed him exclusively, I keep our 3 storey house clean and looking gorgeous, I sort your older son (not my child) out for school on the days he stays with us, get up with him at the weekends to make his breakfast and keep him company. Then whenever you get up I always make you a cuppa, whilst you usually turn off whatever I have had on TV and start whatever game you're playing, usually with headphones so you can talk to your mates. Did I complain when you went away camping for 3 days a week after our son was born? Do I nag you to do housework? Did I complain when you broke your foot skateboarding and couldn't get up, to the point I was emptying your piss basin for you however many times a day? You go out when you want, you sleep as long as you want and smoke an unbelievable amount of weed which I am still paying for half of. Spending an hour a day with the baby making cute noises etc is great, sometimes I'm even able to grab a quick shower...only on the really good days though, and as for naps? Forget it. You say he refuses to take a bottle so I have done every feed since he was born 2 months ago, you sleep soundly through them all, which I wouldn't have an issue with if you would just give me an hour to sleep during the day. You aren't even working, you have been furloughed since April 2020 whilst I worked full time from home until April 2021 when our bundle arrived. I feel so disconnected from you right now and feel we are being pushed farther apart each day because we aren't functioning as a team. I don't understand what is going on.

2 years ago

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