Gonna be a future teacher for teens any tips?

Ok so im in highschool, and I plan on being a teacher for high schoolers (maybe middle schoolers), I know a lot of people here're hurt by something a teacher or adult did so if you have any recommendations for things I should keep in mind for when I do become a teacher can you tell me? I already have a few ideas which I'll list at the end of this if you wanna see things I plan to incorporate into my class when I become a teacher: 1) setting aside at least 10-20 minutes of class time for kids to relax, sleep, do work, or something they need to get done (for this one I might just set aside a Friday or Monday or something instead of 10-20 minutes for every class of the week). 2) offer tutoring and help for any subject I can help with some time when my students will have time. 3) a mailbox of questions since I know some of the kids might be super self conscious of asking questions about stuff, I could look at and answer the questions toward the end of class or at the beginning of each class. 4) I'll try not assign anything that'll give more than a few minutes of homework. 5) if possible I could try to get things to make kids with adhd or autism or anything else like more comfortable. 6) maybe add events every few weeks or months to make the learning more engaging and fun. (I've come up with all these with way to make sure the class wouldn't be behind on their learning, though im not 100% sure if the school I end up working it will allow these im planing to do them if I can)

1 year ago

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