I think I am evil I think I was born evil I remember being Young elementary School age I don't remember the exact situation I just know from that early on.. I am hateful I am bitter, never treat anyone that crossed my path well.. I lie, I steal, I cheat... I do have friends I truly love lifelong friends 30 40 years plus... I do love my children and my grandchildren, yes for God's forgiveness all the time yet go right back to sin even under oath. I don't think anyone might take me seriously, and I'm sure you I'm not insane or at least I don't believe myself being insane when I'm about to tell you is my truth what I believe without a doubt .. this past December thanks for my deceased mother in a Christmas light crazy I know right I've never had any other paranormal experiences before.. the back drop was beautiful a blue I've never seen it was starlet I swear to White figure behind her walking away from her into many many little lights and then I started to see scary faces recognize any of these faces they were all deformed and I'm not even sure if they were human one was like perched up on something it looked like it was about to pounce you like a position to jump down upon nothing was said I didn't hear anything but I felt guilty and apologetic and I apologize her out loud I told her I would do better I told her I would be better and then it disappeared as quick as a came . I questioned religion and my beliefs that I would brought up with I knew right then and there there is a heaven possibly a hell those faces I had seen was definitely not of god... I dove in further to scriptures and different beliefs systems I've prayed to God but yet I keep failing him I'm aware of my sins yet I keep doing them am I truly evil was that God turning his back on me walking away and my mother was giving me a warning... I am sincerely sorry I do know right from wrong...yet time and time again I repeat my sins... Where do I go who do I turn to who do I tell how do I save my soul

2 years ago

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