My parents are always trip to guilt trip me into doing things for them, saying 'families are supposed to help each other' and 'i do all of these things for you and you cant even do one thing for me' ect. Just the other day I was told my mother was suicidal and that I should stop being arguementative because I make it worse (blaming me much?). I'm sick of it. I felt like screaming 'im suicidal too but you never show this much care to me! At least she has someone she can talk to!'. In the end, I decided to be mature and have a serious discussion with my dad about why I argue with him. A few days later he goes back to ignoring my wishes and we fight again. He ended up giving me the silent treatment after I pointed out that his excuses kept changing. He took my phone from me and threatened to shatter it and not buy me a new one. The main issue is, my phone is my main coping mechanism. They know this. We have been to therapy where I told them how bad my depression gets when I don't have my phone to distract me and they continue to take it away as punishment anyway. I don't know what to do anymore, they won't even give it back for 5 mins so that I can keep my 500+ day streaks on multiple apps. I hate this so much. Everyone else in my family are agreeing with my parents and refuse to listen to me. I can't tell if I'm angry or just dissapointed. I should of expected it tho.

2 years ago

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