My dad always makes comments on me and my looks, they aren't sexual oranything they're just really hurtful this has been going on for as long as I can remember my whole life really, hes a narcissist and a fucking asshole I wanna hate him but i cant bring myself to do it I love him deep down and I have tried to tell him how his words make me and others feel, but each time I try he tells me that I'm dramatic and trying to get attention, or that im being rude. Then he will punish me by taking my phone away, or something similar I feel like I can't bring this up in front of other people because they might think its abuse. as much as it hurts and has been affecting my mental health I feel like hes not in the wrong and that it really is me being dramatic calling him abusive. Any advice on a way to talk to him without making it into a joke?

1 year ago

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