Why is Letisha changed her mind running for Governor in NY. Instead she is joyously pursuing Donald Trump. It's as though she is obsessed with him or she has been paid. With all the problems that Black people face --she wants to hunt down a man who has tried to help black people more than the party she has aligned herself with. It's a told disgrace and further more, she cannot even see that she is being used. What a joke. Stop hounding this man --why don't you investigate Biden and his son where there is so much proof. You as a black woman --look at what's happening to black people in th is country. Where is your sympathy for those men who are in prison, They need your help. The politician have lied to black people so much and have made promises ---yet look at their plight. All it boils down to is jealousness. The black colleges were supported by Trump. What has your party does for black collages. Look at the homeless situation in NY yet you want to spend taxpayers money to investigate this man,. This is disgraceful. How can you go to your bed at night knowing that what you are doing is wrong. I am a black woman and I am ashamed of the way you are representing yourself.

1 year ago

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