I get it you think you're special. You think you're "Kings and Queens" while anyone that's not of your race is anything but. That's cool you do you. Just know that when these reparations come through for you there's NO MORE CRYING from ANY of you. If I personally hear one of you clowns try to tell me, a Native American, how hard it is I'm going to humble you in front of EVERYONE there verbally. I suggest others do the same. You are about to get far more than you deserve. Your little mission for taking the power in the US is almost complete but get this: IT'S ONLY IN THE U.S. you know, the land you helped steal from us Native American people. You know the people you try to steal the culture from. You know, by calling us such things as: 5 Dollar Indians, Redskins, Savages, ect. You are NO better than the whites. YOU ARE WORSE. I look forward to US taking back what is OURS when we start exposing your Black woke asses for the racist nature of your souls. So enjoy taking more from us while you can. There's a turning point coming and that turning point will be all of the rest of us minorities that you've screwed over: LatinX, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Pacific Islander all coming together to expose you. Don't think you've won the race war you've simply started a new chapter and it's one you're not going to like. You've got a lot of issues and those issues, once the "reparations" are paid will be spotlighted. Such as: violent nature, criminal intent, lack of respect, hypocrisy in action and word, and the list goes on and on. Get ready all these "reparations" do is give you enough power to show everyone why you are far worse than you led everyone to believe. Good luck to each of you in proving me wrong, I hope you do.

2 years ago

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