i started seeing this boy 3 week ago, it was going really well then we started arguing and just being toxic he didn’t start the arguments though it was always me i was the one in the wrong and i know that, but i haven’t had to best of luck when it comes to relationships i was with this boy for 7 month i traveled an hour and half for him i stayed with him for 2 month met all his family his friends and the night i went home he just ended me and told me he had found someone else he had been cheating on me with his ex the whole time, my heart was broken and i just didn’t wanna love again i had to watch him fall in love with someone else while i was still in love with him i started unloving myself watching him unlove me. i guess that’s why my trust issues are everywhere and i can’t trust but i gave it a shot to trust the lad & he never did anything to make me doubt that trust it was just the arguing i wish i didn’t argue with him so damn much because i miss him more than ever we have spoken today and he told me he missed me and i felt so happy so over the moon thinking i’d have gotten him back & i know two week isn’t a long time to care about someone but when they seem so special and you talk 24/7 it’s just different and i know we argued but he still meant a very very lot to me, he was kind and thoughtful and cared about my feelings i’ve never had that before so i got scared and carried on pushing him away & now i have to go on without him but i wish him all the best in life & hope he finds the right girl because i can’t make him forgive me i was the one in the wrong.

2 years ago

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