I'm (13f) crushing on a boy (14m), we'll call him V, who is best friends with my ex (14m), G. The thing about V, is that he's never dated anyone, but I've had a crush on him for over a year and never told anyone. Recently, my best friend (14f) came to me, let's call her A, and admitted that she has a hard crush on him. Not only am I afraid I'll get rejected, but also I'm afraid I'll lose my best friend and my ex will be upset with me. I came here looking for some sort of advice, but I'm not sure if I can get any other than "just move on, you're still a kid." I'm quite sure my friend would ditch me if I ever confessed my crush on him, because I asked her "what would you do if I stole your crush?" And she instantly gave me a glare, a hard glare. I laughed it off, playing it off as a simple joke, nothing more. I only have V, A and another (14m) friend of mine, M. I don't want to lose 2 of them simply because of a stupid crush. Also, if it's important, I've recently been in a relationship that just ended about a week ago. If there's anyone willing to give any useful advice, please do.

2 years ago

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