I need help… I recently started talking to my ex again and he really has changed and wants to be with me but I don’t think I’m ready to date again. I mean we have been broken up with for about 2 years now and I truly do see that he has changed and I want to date but he cheated on me and I just don’t think I can trust him again. (If your still reading this far it gets worse). Then my other ex who also cheated on me still has feelings for me he’s always had feelings for me recently said he also wanted to get back together but I kept pushing him away cause he was one of the most recent guys I broke up with. Well he also wants to get back together with me and I almost fell for it and we planned on hanging out this weekend but just now I found out that he’s also texting his ex the girl he cheated on me with, he’s talking to her too I think… I see that he’s still following her on social media and I think they are still in touch. Am I being paranoid? Or even over reacting?? Every guy I’ve dated has cheated on me and I think I have trust issues. What do I do???

2 years ago

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